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Revolution 37 – 27 October 2012


The start of the tenth season of the Revolution Series at Manchester kicked off last night and saw yet another sell-out crowd. He next two rounds are sold out, too – and the final round of the series in Glasgow in February looks likely to be a full house, too.

Full Results and pictures

Revolution 37 provided the rare sight of two World Champions – Ed Clancy and Andrew Tennant – riding together in their rainbow jerseys and the usual mix of fast and furious elite and youth racing. The usual mix, but a slightly different format with the Revolution Championship series now based on the same set of events at each event, but with a ‘guest’ event running through the evening – which, for the first round was a Women’s Sprint Omnium between Great Britain and the Netherlands.


The Revolution Championship kicked off with a new event to the competition – but a big favourite at the six day races, and the opening event of the Olympic format Omnium – the Flying Lap. Steven Burke of IG Sigmasport set the benchmark with a 14.149 but his Great Britain Team Pursuit team mate Ed Clancy demolished that. The Rapha Condor Sharp rider – who will ride the anchor leg in the Team Sprint at the Glasgow round of the World Cup next month – clocked a sensational 13.009.


Nobody else got close to that, although multiple World and Paralympic Champion Jody Cundy – riding for Face Partnership – also went under the 14 second barrier, taking 2nd place with a 13.908.

Clancy and team mate Andy Tennant dominated the 1km Madison Time Trial, too. The Rapha Condor Sharp duo’s time of 56.005 was nearly 1.8 seconds better than second placed Rudy Project Racing – Leif Lampeter and Christian Grasmann 57.697.  Jon Dibben and Sam Lowe of Rouleur were third with 57.697 and Sam Harrison and Owain Doull of Howies fourth on 58.511 with the IG Sigmasport pair of Tom Murray and Steven Burke and the WD40 team of Peter Schep and George Atkins the last of the six teams that slipped under the minute mark on 59.628 and 59.813 respectively.


Jon Dibben of Rouleur opened the scoring in the Points race, taking the first sprint ahead of Murray, Schep and Grasmann.  Dibben strengthened his lead when he and eight other riders took a lap before the second sprint which went to Joe Kelly of Face Partnership, ahead of Clancy, Owain Doull of Howies and Dibben. That kept Dibben at the top of the leaderboard, three clear of Murray who was one point ahead of Schep and Doull.

It was Doull who took sprint three with Murray and Grasmann keeping their challenge alive and Alistair Slater of Sportscover taking the last of the points. Doull now led by a single point from Dibben and Murray with Grasmann three points back and Schep one behind them.


Alex Dowsett of Sky – one of the riders who took the lap early on, but so far without a point in the sprints – lapped the field again to go top, briefly. Doull took sprint four from Kelly, Simon Yates of Maxgear and Lampeter to regain the lead by two points from Dowsett with Dibben and Murray now tied for third.

Grasmann took the penultimate sprint ahead of Tennant, Dibben and Maxgear’s Adam Yates to move into joint third place with Dibben – two points behind Dowsett and four behind Doull. That meant second place in the final sprint would guarantee Doull the win, no matter where his rivals finished. In the end, he finished third – behind Clancy and Schep and ahead of Murray – but with Dowsett, Dibben Grasmann all failing to score, it was enough to clinch the victory with Dowsett taking second and Clancy leaping up the order to take third.

Going in to the Australian Pursuit, Rapha Condor Sharp led the overall points table on 23 with Howies four points behind and IG Sigmasport in third on 17. Now a firm Revolution favourite, the Australian Pursuit sorted itself out very quickly, leaving Dowsett, Tennant and Lampeter as the only three riders still in the race by the final lap. It was very close between Tennant and Dowsett, with the Rapha Condor Sharp rider just beating out his Sky rival, but it was Lampeter that took the win by a whisker.


There were a few surprises in the Elimination Race with Clancy going out relatively early and Grasmann – out with 5 to go – missing the call and staying in for an extra lap or two. The final sprint, though, was between Joe Kelly of Face Partnership and Tennant and, with just the Scratch race to go, it was Tennant who ensured that Rapha Condor Sharp would end up overall leaders after the first round.


The Scratch race again saw the field lapped but – thankfully for the photographers who were after a finish line picture – it was one of the escapees that took the victory – with Clancy and Kelly and closing down NetApp Endura’s Jonny McEvoy at the bell, with Clancy taking the sprint on the line to ensure that Rapha Condor Sharp tied up the overall victory with a win in the final race.


Elite Revolution Championship
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Flying Lap

1 CLANCY Ed Rapha Condor Sharp 13.009
 CUNDY Jody FACE Partnership 13.908
3 BURKE Steven IG Sigmasport 14.149
4 WOOD Oliver Sportscover 14.419
5 GRASMANN Christian Rudy Project RT 14.494
6 DOULL Owain Howies 14.522
7 YATES Simon Maxgear Racing 14.534
8 LOWE Sam Rouleur 14.589
9 SCHEP Peter WD40 15.006
10 DOWSETT Alex Sky Procycling 15.075
11 MCEVOY Jonny NetApp Endura 15.481
12 HOLMES Matt Raleigh GAC 15.864 

1km Madison Time Trial
1 Rapha Condor Sharp 56.005

2 Rudy Project RT 57.697
3 Rouleur 58.511
4 Howies 59.047
5 IG Sigmasport 59.628
6 WD40 59.812
7 FACE Partnership 1:00.164
8 Maxgear Racing 1:00.504
9 Sportscover 1:00.605
10 Team SKY Sky Procycling 1:01.695
11 NetApp Endura 1:03.204
12 Raleigh GAC 1:04.659 

Points Race
1 DOULL Owain Howies 24 -1 lap

2 DOWSETT Alex Sky Procycling 20
3 CLANCY Ed Rapha Condor Sharp 18 -1
4 DIBBEN John Rouleur 18 -1
5 GRASMANN Christian Rudy Project RT 18 -1
6 MURRAY Tom IG Sigmasport 17 -1
7 SCHEP Peter WD40 15 -1
8 YATES Simon Maxgear Racing 12 -1
9 HOLMES Matt Raleigh GAC 10 -1
10 WOOD Oliver Sportscover 10 -1
11 KELLY Joe FACE Partnership 8 -2 laps
12 TENNANT Andy Rapha Condor Sharp 3 -2
13 LAMPETER Leif Rudy Project RT 1 -2
14 YATES Adam Maxgear Racing 1 -2
15 SLATER Alistair Sportscover 1 -2
16 LOWE Sam Rouleur 0 -2
17 GEOGHEGAN-HART Tao Sky Procycling 0 -2
18 LATHAM Chris WD40 0 -2
19 BURKE Steven IG Sigmasport 0 -2
DNF SCHWARTZMAN Michael NetApp Endura 10 -2
DNF MCEVOY Jonny NetApp Endura 0 -2
DNF HARRISON Sam Howies 0 -2
DNF CUNDY Jody FACE Partnership -10 -3
DNF HAMPTON Russell Raleigh GAC -10 -3 

Australian Pursuit
1 LAMPETER Leif Rudy Project RT

2 TENNANT Andy Rapha Condor Sharp
3 DOWSETT Alex Sky Procycling
4 SLATER Alistair Sportscover
5 MURRAY Tom IG Sigmasport
6 CUNDY Jody FACE Partnership
7 SCHEP Peter WD40
8 HAMPTON Russell Raleigh GAC 

Elimination Race
1 TENNANT Andy Rapha Condor Sharp

2 KELLY Joe FACE Partnership
3 LOWE Sam Rouleur
4 YATES Simon Maxgear Racing
5 GRASMANN Christian Rudy Project RT
6 SLATER Alistair Sportscover
7 DIBBEN John Rouleur
8 WOOD Oliver Sportscover
9 YATES Adam Maxgear Racing
10 MCEVOY Jonny NetApp Endura
11 GEOGHEGAN-HART Tao Sky Procycling
12 MURRAY Tom IG Sigmasport
13 LATHAM Chris WD40
14 DOWSETT Alex Sky Procycling
15 SCHWARTZMAN Michael NetApp Endura
16 BURKE Steven IG Sigmasport
17 HAMPTON Russell Raleigh GAC
18 DOULL Owain Howies
19 SCHEP Peter WD40
20 LAMPETER Leif Rudy Project RT
21 HOLMES Matt Raleigh GAC
22 CUNDY Jody FACE Partnership
23 CLANCY Ed Rapha Condor Sharp
24 HARRISON Sam Howies 

Scratch Race
1 CLANCY Ed Rapha Condor Sharp

2 DIBBEN John Rouleur
3 GRASMANN Christian Rudy Project RT
4 HARRISON Sam Howies
5 YATES Adam Maxgear Racing
6 MCEVOY Jonny NetApp Endura
7 SCHEP Peter WD40
8 DOWSETT Alex Sky Procycling
9 YATES Simon Maxgear Racing
10 TENNANT Andy Rapha Condor Sharp
11 LOWE Sam Rouleur
12 LAMPETER Leif Rudy Project RT
13 MURRAY Tom IG Sigmasport
14 KELLY Joe FACE Partnership
15 LATHAM Chris WD40
16 GEOGHEGAN-HART Tao Sky Procycling
17 HOLMES Matt Raleigh GAC
18 HAMPTON Russell Raleigh GAC
19 WOOD Oliver Sportscover
20 BURKE Steven IG Sigmasport
21 SLATER Alistair Sportscover
22 DOULL Owain Howies
DNF CUNDY Jody FACE Partnership
DNF SCHWARTZMAN Michael NetApp Endura 

Standings After 1 Round
1 Rapha Condor Sharp 62

2 Rouleur 53
3 Rudy Project RT 46
4 Maxgear Racing 41
5 Howies 37
6 FACE Partnership 30
7 Sportscover 28
8 IG Sigmasport 26
9 Sky Procycling 24
10 WD40 23
11 NetApp Endura 14
12 Raleigh GAC 6


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