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Reading Track League 23 May 2011



The Spring weather continues to frustrate Reading Track League - without quite interrupting it. The threat of gale force winds and rain - plus the after effects of a brutal Central Division Road Race Championship at the weekend - kept the numbers down and sapped the energy of those that braved the elements.

Full results and picture gallery

Sussex Track League 8 June 2011

Report Senior A & B Scratch 1 Ashley DENNIS VC Jubilee 2 Jack HOYLE Team Terminator 3 Brock DUNCUMB-ROGERS Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Squad...

Welwyn Track League 23 April 2010

Full report Senior 10 lap scratch A 1 Ed BIRD Glendene 2 George OLIVE Finchley RT 3 Robert COX Cambridge 10 lap Block...

Sussex Track League 18 May 2011

Report Senior Scratch 1 Matthew HILL VC Jubilee 2 Jack PRIDDLE VC Jubilee 3 Jack HOYLE Team Terminator 4 Paul BARNARD Team Terminator 5...

Reading Track League 16 May 2011


The evenings are getting longer but the weather's still pretty marginal and it was another cloudy, windy, chill night at Palmer Park. The rain held off again, though, and the racing was fast and furious all evening.

Full results and photo gallery

Preston Park Track League 14 April 2010


The Sussex Cycle Racing League started at Preston Park last week but unfortunately our usual reporter Gavin Smith was away for the first meeting. Hopefully he can dodge the ash cloud and get back in time for next week but, in the meantime, Dave Gerrey has stepped in to fill Gavin's shoes.

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