Monday, December 4, 2023


Welwyn Track League 8 May 2009


Despite the strong blustery wind the riders at this weeks Welwyn Track League provided some close racing in all categories.

Tony Gibb made a clean sweep of the 4 senior events but was pushed hard by Bryan Taylor in the Block Handicap where the field of 25 riders came together with 3 laps remaining. A close finish in the Devil went to Tony Gibb edging out George Olive by inches.

Preston Park Track League 6 May 2009


Under cloudy skies, a total of 36 seniors and 34 youths signed on for the third meet of the season at Brighton's Preston Park track. The healthy state of the Sussex League was reinforced by the arrival of no fewer than eight new riders, ranging from a national champion to ever-so-keen 5-year-old Oscar Denman-Gould. However, with two-thirds of the programme completed, unfortunately racing was curtailed following a crash involving In-Gear Development Squad's James McCarron.