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Welwyn Track League 6 May 2011


The first meeting of the Track League got off to a great start - the warm evening with no breeze attracted a massive entry of almost 100 riders. Such were the numbers in the Senior B group that a revised programme was adopted to safely accommodate the 44 riders.

Scunthorpe Track League 26 April 2013

Senior A & B 8 lap block handicap 1 Harry TANFIELD Herbal Life 2 Leon GLEDHILL Sports City Velo 3 Anthony NASH Scunthorpe...

Preston Park Track League 1 July 2009


The finest weather of the season so far drew 71 riders to an action-packed meet, with a total of 23 races taking place in balmy conditions at the Sussex track. In charge tonight was Daniel Gerrey, at age 19 one of the country's youngest commissaires. The consensus was that he did a great job, indeed he introduced the Under 10/Under 8 age-group to the devil-take-the-hindmost discipline, prompting the excited under-10 rider Bethany Lewis to say after the meet: "We did something really exciting tonight, like the grown-ups!"

Reading Track League 19 July 2010

Senior A & B Hare & Hounds 1 Bryan TAYLOR VC Londres 2 Matt GITTINGS AW Cycles 3 Ian GREENSTREET...

Welwyn Track League 21 May 2010

Senior A 10 lap scratch 1 Andrew ELDERFIELD VC Revolution 2 Tony GIBB Premier Metaltek 3 Lewis ATKINS Orbea10 lap Hare & Hounds 1...

Scunthorpe Track League 16 April 2010


Round 2 of the 2010 Scunthorpe Track League season saw a good mix of medium distance races for the Seniors, with Cottingham Coureurs Richard Lambert and Science In Sport's Marloe Rodman among the front runners. The Youth programme saw a mix of sprint and bunch races.

Reading Track League 22 June 2009

Reading Track League 22 June 2009 photo gallery

Reading Track League 17 June 2013


Round 8 of the Reading Track League ended under an incredible sunset at Palmer Park, but it started with the trackcycling 10 lap Scratch...