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Reading Track League 1 June 2009

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Reading Track League 8 June 2009


A Derny into the unknown!

(We let him write his own headlines. We know we shouldn’t, but we can’t help ourselves – Ed)

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Under threat of rain and darkening skies another good turnout on Monday night saw a long night of action, mainly behind the red Palmer Park Derny’s, with everyone sharing the spoils.

Reading Track League 18 May 2009


A long night of events was planned for this evening and our able commissaires kept the riders on their toes and ready for racing… and racing they did go!

Full results & photos available.

Reading Track League 8 August 2011

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Reading Track League 12 July 2010

With the heat wave having come crashing to an end with thunder storms in the morning, the clouds parted and the riders enjoyed a clear, calm and much cooler evening than they have done of late – even if the rain did threaten to return near the end. The uncertainty of the weather and the start of the holiday season took their toll on both Senior and Youth numbers, but the riders that took the risk were rewarded with an excellent evening’s racing.

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Reading Track League 19 April 2010

Full report and pictures Senior A & B 10 Lap Hare & Hounds 1 Sam GRANT Beyond MBC 2 Neil RUTTER Swindon CC 3...

Reading Track League 1 August 2011

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Reading Track League 6 July 2009

Rain again - but only for the last 6 laps!

Numbers were down both in the youths and seniors probably due to the weather - several riders said they had driven through heavy rain and thunder - and the number of riders still recovering from their exertions at the Masters National Track Championships in Newport.

Reading Track League 1 August 2011


The Dernies were out again on Monday night for the latest round of the Senior B Motor Paced Championship. A combination of the reduced programme for the Senior A riders and the start of the holiday season saw numbers down in the As, but there was no lack of determination as they set off after the large B field in the opening Hare and Hounds.

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