Monday, December 4, 2023
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The ‘Tokyo’ Sprint Regulations – Part III – Keirin

In the third and final part of our feature on the changes to the sprint disciplines, we’re looking at the discipline with the largest...

Derny Pacer Training – Welwyn, Gosling Stadium Sunday 9th May

For those of us having had the good fortune to have raced behind a Derny it's easy to lay our lack of talent or form firmly at the wheel of the Derny Pacer with comments such as, "that was an interval session, how could I be expected to win?" Or "I was shouting at him to go faster but he's completely deaf". Let these comments cease - Derny Pacing is a fine art and we should hold Derny Pacers in high regard!

Profile of a track cycling fan


UK research firm YouGov has launched a website that aggregates all the information they have on respondents who share a common interest - and one of those interests is track cycling... So - what are we really like?