Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Six Day Experiences


Arriving in Amsterdam in mid-afternoon was a bit of a surreal experience. It only just hit me what I was actually here to do - and how I had spent the last couple of years wishing that I would get this opportunity. I had had a call from the organiser Rene Kos the week before so it was all very last minute, but it was too good a chance to miss.

Six and the City


I’ve been involved in track racing in one way or another for just over ten years – and had a passion for bike racing that goes back further than that. It’s eight years, this year, since I attended my first World Cup race and five since I attended my first World Championships. By then I was photographing and reporting on events and thoroughly immersed in the lore of the sport. But, despite that, until last night I had never been to a ‘Six’.

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Derny Pacer Training – Welwyn, Gosling Stadium Sunday 9th May

For those of us having had the good fortune to have raced behind a Derny it's easy to lay our lack of talent or form firmly at the wheel of the Derny Pacer with comments such as, "that was an interval session, how could I be expected to win?" Or "I was shouting at him to go faster but he's completely deaf". Let these comments cease - Derny Pacing is a fine art and we should hold Derny Pacers in high regard!