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Glasgow 2023 – Day 5 – Report




The Semi Finals of the Men’s Sprint competition provided no surprises – Harrie Lavreysen of the Netherlands’ first win over Jack Carlin of Great Britain was so comfortable it looked like an opening heat of the 1/8 Finals. The second was closer, but never really in doubt. Mateusz Rudyk of Poland made it slightly more difficult for Nicholas Paul, but the Trinidad and Tobago rider’s acceleration carried him through.

The Bronze medal ride was the first real upset of the competition. Carlin, remember, was the only rider so far to have overcome a faster rider from Qualifying and the Paisley-born rider did it again when it mattered – riding brilliantly to take the Bronze without the need for a decider.

As for Lavreysen, it was never in doubt – but Paul gave him more assistance than he needed by trying to go long on both occasions. Paul may be officially the fastest rider in history over 200m, but he’s no match for Lavreysen over a lap and a half and that’s what he tried to do, twice. Still, it was Lavreysen’s fifth consecutive Sprint World Championship – and his 13th rainbow jersey – so he was hardly the first to fail to figure out how to beat him.

PAUL Nicholas TTO +0.061 +0.100

BRONZE CARLIN Jack GBR **4 RUDYK Mateusz POL +0.030 +0.010

Semi Finals
2 CARLIN Jack GBR +0.505 +0.041

1 PAUL Nicholas TTO **
2 RUDYK Mateusz POL +0.192 +0.380

Elimination Race

A tetchy Elimination race saw rider after rider take issue with their removal from the race – starting with the first to go, Joao Martins of Portugal. There was a crash before the first elimination, with Matthijs Buchli wiping out Akil Campbell of Trinidad and Tobago. The Dutch rider rolled his tub, but it wasn’t clear whether that was the result of him bouncing off Jules Hester of Belgium or a consequence of it. Buchli would crash again just after the halfway mark – taking out Ethan Vernon of Great Britain – and the former sprinter would earn the ire of several of his competitors for robust riding throughout the race.

Remarkably, both riders recovered and were still in contention in the later stages – the Dutch rider finally leaving the track in fourth position. Elia Viviani – many people’s favourite for the win – ran out of gas a lap later, the Italian leaving Vernon and Dylan Bibic of Canada to contest the sprint and it was the British rider who took the title, comfortably dropping his opponent in front of an approving home crowd.

And then there were two…

BRONZE VIVIANI Elia ITA              

4 BUCHLI Matthijs NED
7 IMHOF Claudio SUI
10 KOKAS Raphael AUT
12 TENE Rotem ISR
15 DUFFY Joshua AUS
18 CHALEL Yacine ALG
20 LEUNG Chun Wing HKG
23 HANSEN Tobias DEN



Emma Finucane set the fastest qualifying time

The Women’s Sprint competition saw yet another rider set a decent lead in the relatively early stages of the competition and defy the seeding to stay there far longer than anyone expected. Yufang Guo of China was the first rider on the track and her time of 10.654 was impressive – it would be enough to see her qualify 9th and would see her top the timesheets until heat nine – but it was her compatriot Liying Yuan’s 10.507 that had people sitting up and taking notice. Nobody would come close to that until the closing stages of the competition. Some fairly big names – Nicky Degrendele of Belgium, Kristina Clonan of Australia – who has been on fire this week and Lauriane Genest of Canada came and went but the closest and of them got was the Canadian, who slotted in to second over a tenth adrift. Pauline Sophie Grabosch of Germany then took over in second, briefly, with a 10.599 before Emma Finucane of Great Britain flew round in 10.234 – a new British record and an unofficial sea level world record.

Kelsey Mitchell of Canada couldn’t match her team mate and clocked 10.671 to go 6th before Emma Hinze squeezed in to third wit a 10.533. Finucane’s compatriot Sophie Capewell – whose national record the Welsh rider had just beaten – manged to better her own PB with a 10.309 and move into second, with two riders still to go – confirming that both GB riders would sit out the opening round.

Lea Sophie Friedrich knocked Hinze out of the top four – the German going third with a 10.397 – but the final rider of the morning, reigning World Champion Mathilde Gros of France, couldn’t displace Yuan from the last of the top four berths, taking 6th with a 10.543.

As is usually the case, the 1/16 finals went to firm with the 5th to 16th qualifiers all progressing to the 1/8 Finals.

1/16 Finals

Bayona vs van der Peet

Heat 1
1 HINZE Emma GER *
2 JABORNIKOVA Veronika CZE +0.704

Heat 2
1 GROS Mathilde FRA *
2 FULTON Shaane Hazel NZL +0.054

Heat 3
1 GRABOSCH Pauline Sophie GER *
2 GAXIOLA GONZALEZ Luz Daniela MEX +0.074

Heat 4
1 GENEST Lauriane CAN *
2 SIBIAK Nikola POL +0.512

Heat 5
1 GUO Yufang CHN *
2 MARQUARDT Mandy USA +0.035

Heat 6
1 ANDREWS Ellesse NZL *
2 LENDEL Migle LTU +0.229

Heat 7
2 VECE Miriam ITA +0.189

Heat 8
1 van der WOUW Hetty NED *
2 UMEKAWA Fuko JPN +0.129

Heat 9
1 CLONAN Kristina AUS *
2 MICHAUX Julie FRA +0.182

Heat 10
2 van der PEET Steffie NED +0.084

Heat 11
1 KOUAME Taky Marie Divine FRA *
2 ORBAN Sarah CAN +0.130

Heat 12
1 SATO Mina JPN *
2 OHTA Riyu JPN +0.092

Emma Finucane set the fastest qualifying time

200 Metre Time Trial
1 FINUCANE Emma GBR 10.234
2 CAPEWELL Sophie GBR 10.309
3 FRIEDRICH Lea Sophie GER 10.397
4 YUAN Liying CHN 10.507

5 HINZE Emma GER 10.533
6 GROS Mathilde FRA 10.543
7 GRABOSCH Pauline Sophie GER 10.599
8 GENEST Lauriane CAN 10.612
9 GUO Yufang CHN 10.654
10 ANDREWS Ellesse NZL 10.665
11 MITCHELL Kelsey CAN 10.671
12 van der WOUW Hetty NED 10.695
13 CLONAN Kristina AUS 10.712
14 BAYONA PINEDA Martha COL 10.739
15 KOUAME Taky Marie Divine FRA 10.749
16 SATO Mina JPN 10.834
17 OHTA Riyu JPN 10.856
18 ORBAN Sarah CAN 10.865
19 van der PEET Steffie NED 10.883
20 MICHAUX Julie FRA 10.890
21 UMEKAWA Fuko JPN 10.894
22 VECE Miriam ITA 10.895
23 LENDEL Migle LTU 10.898
24 MARQUARDT Mandy USA 10.925
25 SIBIAK Nikola POL 10.988
26 GAXIOLA GONZALEZ Luz Daniela MEX 10.989
27 FULTON Shaane Hazel NZL 11.004
28 JABORNIKOVA Veronika CZE 11.034

29 BILETSKA Alla UKR 11.045
30 DEGRENDELE Nicky BEL 11.082
31 MOHD ASRI Nurul Izzah Izzati MAS 11.183
32 PETRI Paulina POL 11.258
33 ROSIDI Anis Amira MAS 11.410
34 CASAS ROIGE Helena ESP 11.434
35 YEUNG Cho You HKG 11.562
36 MOHAMED Shahd EGY 12.272


An action-packed 127 lap Women’s Madison saw Victoire Berteau and Clara Copponi of France take the opening sprint from Daria and Wiktoria Pikulik of Poland, Jennifer Valente and Lilly Williams of the USA and Lara Gillespie and Alice Sharpe of Ireland. New Zealand took sprint two – Ally Wollaston and Bryony Botha picking up the five points, Valente and Williams the three, Georgia Baker and Alexandra Manly of Australia two and the French pairing the final point.

The Great Britain due of Neah Evans and Elinor Barker took the next win – France again taking second place ahead of Martina Fidanza and Clara Copponi of Italy and the Polish Pikulik sisters. Great Britain would now go on a remarkable run which would see them score in every one of the nine remaining sprints, moving into the lead of the race at a third distance and never relinquishing it. The order below changed frequently with New Zealand and the USA challenging Australia, France, Poland and Italy for the minor places at different phases of the race, but at no point was any team allowed to get a significant gap on the rest of the field.

Despite their persistent scoring, the lack of lap gains meant that Great Britain never had a comfortable cushion. Towards the end the two remaining teams on zero points both attempted to take a lap knowing that the 20 points they’d take as a result, along with five for the penultimate sprint en route – would bring them level with the leaders. Japan took the five points – Denmark took two behind them – but they didn’t get close to taking the lap.

Then, with five laps to go there was a crash. Maike van der Duijn of the Netherlands and Martina Fidanza of Italy crashed and the medical teams rushed on to the track. Meanwhile, the race continued and with two laps to go Great Britain were leading the full-on charge to take the final sprint and secure the Gold medal when the race was neutralised while the incident was dealt with.

Nine laps were added back to the lap board, but the momentum had gone. Evans and Barker would literally have to start again. This time it was the Australians – the only team capable of catching the Brits who led out the Sprint – with France and the USA close behind. In the end, the French wanted to nick a medal from Poland more than the Aussies wanted Gold – or just had more left in the tank. 10 points for France brought their total to 22; 6 for Australia took them to 25 – a point behind Great Britain as they crossed the line. Poland took third and four points to lift them to 21 – just a point behind the French. And, just to make a point, Great Britain took the final sprint position, giving them a three point buffer and the World Title – thanks in no small part to Berteau and Copponi who had taken four points from Australia on the line.

GOLD Great Britain GBR (EVANS Neah/BARKER Elinor) 28
SILVER Australia AUS (BAKER Georgia/MANLY Alexandra) 25
BRONZE France FRA (BERTEAU Victoire/COPPONI Clara) 22

4 Poland POL (PIKULIK Daria/PIKULIK Wiktoria) 21
5 Italy ITA (FIDANZA Martina/CONSONNI Chiara) 14
6 United States USA (VALENTE Jennifer/WILLIAMS Lily) 10
7 New Zealand NZL(WOLLASTON Ally/BOTHA Bryony) 10
8 Japan JPN (KAJIHARA Yumi/UCHINO Tsuyaka) 5
9 Denmark DEN(DIDERIKSEN Amalie/KLINGE Ellen) 2
10 Netherlands NED (RAAIJMAKERS Marit/van der DUIN Maike) 2
11 Germany GER (TEUTENBERG Lea Lin/BRAUSSE Franziska) -18
12 Ireland IRL (GILLESPIE Lara/SHARPE Alice) -18
13 Belgium BEL (de CLERCQ Katrijn/HESTERS Helene) -20
14 Switzerland SUI (SEITZ Aline/ANDRES Michelle) -40
15 Czechia CZE (ŠEVČIKOVA Petra/KOHOUTKOVA Kateřina) -40
DNF Uzbekistan UZB (KOZIEVA Nafosat/MISYURINA Margarita)
DNF Mexico MEX (GAXIOLA GONZALEZ Maria Antonieta/SALAZAR VAZQUEZ Lizbeth Yarely)
DNF Hong Kong, China HKG (LEE Sze Wing/YANG Qianyu)


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