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Bordeaux-Paris 2017


It was a dry warmish day at Palmer Park Sports Stadium on Saturday with a decent field of riders.

The two highlight events of the meeting are the 2 Bordeaux-Paris style events.

The first one, for Youth A and women riders saw them compete for stage 1, which was a 10k scratch race where the first 9 would qualify for the 15k derny paced stage 2.

In the Stage 2 derny paced race, Alexi Edwards (Clay Cross Road Team) paced by Tim Read was the winner almost 8sec in front of Joshua Knowles (PalmerParkVelo RT paced by Pip Taylor with 3rd place going to Jamie Pullen (Redhill Raiders) paced Tony Hibbert.

The  senior stage 1 20k race saw Michael Mottram (Morvelo Basso RT) finish 7 sec in front of Nicholas Cooper (DFL In-Gear Development) with the rest of the field sprinting for the final 7 qualifying places 12 secs back.

The Senior stage 2 30k derny paced  race saw last years winner Michael Mottrtam (Morvelo Basso RT) paced by Tony Hibbert make it all look so easy as they won by 1 lap  from Dylan Thomas(VC Meudon) paced by Pip Taylor. Third place went to Nicholas Cooper ( DFL IN-Gear Development) paced by Michael Wilmott at 2 laps.

This unique Bordeaux-Paris style meeting was the idea of the late John Dennis in 2003.

Gordon Sherratt, who has been the organiser since the first meeting in 2004, is standing down as the organiser this year. If another organiser cannot be found this could be the end of this unique style meeting.


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