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UCI Track Cycling World Cup II – London– Day 2 Qualifying


The second day of competition at the Lee Valley Velodrome in London saw the Women’s Sprint and Men’s Keirin competitions, the Women’s Points Race, the Men’s Madison and the first day’s action in both Omnium competition. The packed day started with the Sprint 200m Time Trials…


The first event of Day 2 was the Women’s Sprint Qualifying featuring Victoria Williamson and Jessica Varnish from the British team. Roa of Colombia, Tyumneva of Russia and Kirschenstein of Poland came in quick succession posting times of 12.360, 11.399 and 11.598 respectively, each unlikely to be top spot contenders.

Gong of China, Belgium’s Degrendele and Americas Marquardt followed with times of 11.365, 11.800 and 11.896. Up next followed individuals from Mexico, Colombia and Italy, Echevarria and Gaxiola from Mexico posted similar times of 12.081 and 11.519. Italy’s Andreotti followed with a time of 12.353 to take eighth position overall. Colombia’s Roa posted a disappointing time of 12.360. Inidiviuals from Poland, Ukraine, Colombia, Japan and Spain followed but none could push Gong of Chine off the leading position.

Erickson of the US posted a disappointing time of 11.948 putting herself 13th overall. Japan’s Maeda posted a time of 11.710, but Russia’s Streltsova managed a time of 11.286 making her way to the top of the leader board. Rijkhoff could not match this and placed sixth overall missing out on the qualifying positions. However the Kiwi, Mckenzie managed a time of 11.406 gaining himself 4th position. Sullivan, Mustapa and Krupeckaite all managed to qualify with times of 11.414, 11.486 and 11.459 respectively. Up next came Frances Mantauban with a time of 11.126, the new leader. But this was short lived at China’s Guo was the first woman to get a sub-11 time with 10.942 putting her as the new leader. Virginie Cueff followed but couldn’tt match this and qualified 4th overall

Britain’s Victoria Williamson was up next on the boards, and with an 11.245 qualified in third position. Ismayilova came up next and qualified just below Williamson in forth position in a time of 11.260. Welte of Germany and Calvo of Spain followed but could not shift Chinas Guo. Next up came the Dutch Ligtlee who gained herself top spot in a time of 10.833. Varnish of Great Britain came next but could not get a sub 11 second time, qualifying in 4th position in a time of 11.199.

Guerra of Cuba, Morton of Australia and Lee of Hong Kong posted times quick enough to gain themselves qualification for the next round. Chinas Junhong and Zhong came up next posting times of 11.192 and 10.941, qualifying in 7th and 2nd positions. Anna Meares of Australia was on the boards next and managed a time of 11.021, fast enough to qualify in fourth. Kristina Vogel was up next and the German could not manage a sub-11 time but did enough to qualify for the next round. Last up came Russia’s Voinova who qualified sixth pushing Mustapa out of the qualifying positions.

Women’s Sprint Qualifying Result’s

1 Elis LIGTLEE Netherlands
2 Tianshi ZHONG China
3 Shuang GUO Giant Pro Cycling
4 Anna MEARES Team Jayco-Ais
5 Wai Sze LEE Hong Kong
6 Anastasiia VOINOVA Russia
7 Stephanie MORTON Team Jayco-Ais
8 Kristina VOGEL Germany
9 Olivia MONTAUBAN France
11 Jessica VARNISH Great Britain
12 Victoria WILLIAMSON Great Britain
13 Olga ISMAYILOVA Azerbijan
14 Olga STRELTSOVA Belarus
15 Virginie CUEFF France
16 Miriam WELTE Germany
17 Jinjie GONG China
19 Victoria TYUMNEVA Russia
20 Stephanie MCKENZIE New Zealand
21 Monique SULLIVAN Canada
22 Tania CALVO BARBERO Spain
23 Simona KRUPECKAITE Lithuania
24 Fatehah MUSTAPA

Next up in proceedings came the Scratch Race of the Women’s Omnium. Olympic Champion Laura Trott featured in the race for the host nation team. Over 20 laps in and there were no major attacks from the bunch. The race lasted just over 13 minutes with Laura Trott appearing to be blocked in on the final lap however she managed to squeeze her way past Kristen Wild to get the win and get herself 40 points.

Women’s Omnium I – Scratch Race  

1 Laura TROTT Great Britain
2 Kirsten WILD Netherlands
3 Amalie DIDERIKSEN Denmark
4 Annalisa CUCINOTTA Italy
5 Isabella KING Australia
6 Jolien D’HOORE Belgium
7 Malgorzata WOJTYRA Poland
8 Jennifer VALENTE USA
10 Anna KNAUER Germany

The 1/16 finals of the Women’s Sprint came up next. Jess Varnish faced Olga Streltsova and Vicky Williamson faced Olga Ismayilova. First onto the boards were Ligtlee and Mustapa with Ligtlee of the Netherlands coming out on top and moving on to the next roun
d with Mustapa moving to the repechages.

Heat 2 featured China’s Zhong and Lithuania’s Krupeckaite. Zhong of China got the win and progressed straight through to the next finals. The third heat saw Guo of China and Calvo of Spain battle for a place in the next finals with Guo of China coming out on top. Heat number four featured individuals from Australia and Canada. Meares of Australia came out on top and progressed straight into the 1/8 finals with Sullivan moving out.

The fifth heat featured Lee of Hong Kong and Mckenzie on New Zealand. Lee of Hong Kong took the win. Heat 6 was between team mates Voinona and Tyumneva of Russia with Voinova taking the win and progressing straight to the 1/8 finals. The seventh heat featured the Aussie, Stephanie Morton against Cuba’s Liandra Guerra. The race was extremely close and ended in a photo finish but Guerra just managed to beat Morton and take the win.

Heat number 8 was between Kristina Vogel of Germany and Jinjie Gong of China with Vogel taking this heat forcing Gong out. Heat 9 featured Miriam Welte of Germany and Olivia Montauban of France. Once again the German’s show their power as Welte progresses on to the finals. The tenth heat consists of Junhong of China and Cueff of France, China’s Junhong wins the heat forcing France’s Cueff out. Next up came heat 11 and Great Britain’s Jessica Varnish who faced Russia’s Olga Streltsova. Varnish of Great Britain takes the win and progresses on to the 1/8 finals. Another British rider featured in the final heat. Victoria Williamson faced Olga Ismayilova of Azerbaijan with Ismayilova winning forcing the Brit out.

Women’s Sprint 1/16 Finals Winners

Elis LIGTLEE Netherlands

Tianshi ZHONG China

Shuang GUO Giant Pro Cycling

Anna MEARES Team Jayco-Ais

Wai Sze LEE Hong Kong

Anastasiia VOINOVA Russia

Stephanie MORTON Team Jayco-Ais

Kristina VOGEL Germany

Miriam WELTE Germany


Jessica VARNISH Great Britain

Olga ISMAYILOVA Azerbaijan

Then the Men’s Omnium got underway with the first race being the Scratch Race. Twenty year-old Jon Dibben competed in this event for the host nation. Half way in and no laps were taken nor any considerable attacks of the front of the race. The bunch was together with half the distance to go. Dibben, Cheung and Lea all gain a lap on the field with only 5 laps remaining. Lea of the US wins the race with Cheung on Hong Kong in second place and Jon Dibben on Great Britain finishing third.

Men’s Omnium I – Scratch Race

1 Bobby LEA USA
2 King CHEUNG Lok Hong Kong
3 Jonathan DIBBEN Great Britain
4 GAVIRIA RENDON Fernando Colombia
6 Sebastian MORA VEDRI Spain
7 Aaron GATE New Zealand
8 Jasper DE BUYST Belgium
9 Scott LAW Australia
10  Tim VELDT Netherlands

Next up came the 1/8 finals of the Women’s Sprint to decide the participants of the Quarter Finals. Heat 1 saw Ligtlee of the Netherlands take on Ismayilova. The Dutch rider Ligtlee took the win and progressed into the quarterfinals. Heat 2 featured Jessica Varnish who was to race against Zhong of China. Zhong took the win meaning that Varnish of Great Britain would go into the repechage later on. The third heat featured team mates from China of Guo and Junhong. Guo had the advantage and took the win forcing Junhong into the repechage. The fourth heat was between Meares of Australia and Welte of Germany with Anna Meares of Australia taking the win. Heat number 5 consisted of Kristina Vogel of Germany and Wai Sze Lee of Hong Kong. Germanys Kristina Vogel took the win meaning that Lee moved into the repechage. The final heat was between Vionova of Russia and Morton of Australia. Russia’s Voinova took the win in the final heat.

1/8 Women’s Sprint Finals Winners

Elis LIGTLEE Netherlands

Tianshi ZHONG China

Shuang GUO Giant Pro Cycling

Anna MEARES Team Jayco-Ais

Kristina VOGEL Germany

Anastasiia VOINOVA Russia

The Women’s individual pursuit came next, another event of the Women’s Omnium. Sharakova of Belarus was first to set her time of 3:41.588. Next up were the pairing of Trebaite of Lithuania and Tian of China who both set times slower than that of Sharakova with times of 3:48.662 and 3:59.093. Following them came pairings including Arreola from Mexico, Romanyuta from Russia, Shaeth from New Zealand, Ryan from Ireland, Diao from Hong Kong and Berthon from France, but none could better the time of Sharakova of Belarus.

This reign continued through rides from Somnet and Zalaska as they posted final times of 3:56.969 and 3:46.866. However Mejias from Cuba set a time of 3:38.619 putting herself in top spot as Tsukagoshi of Japan goes 10th fastest. Next up came Olaberria of Spain and Knauer of Germany who failed to take the top spot with times of 3:47.127, 3:48.752. Wojtyra of Poland and Valente of the USA came next and Americas Jennifer Valente managed to post a quicker time than Majias at 3:37.417 as Wojtyra placed eighth fastest with a 3:46.874. King of Australia, D’Hoore of Belgium, Denmark’s Dideriksen and Italy’s Cucinotta come next but none set a time quick enough to knock Valente of America off the top spot.

Laura Trott of Great Britain and Kirsten Wild of the Netherlands are last to take to the track, Trott having just beaten Wild to
the line in the Scratch race earlier. At the 1km mark Trott was nearly a second under the time of Valente and this contued into the 2km mark and onto the finish as Trott set the fastest time of 3:36.896 as Wild goes second fastest in 3:37.107.

Women’s Omnium II – Individual Pursuit  

1 Laura TROTT Great Britain 3:36.896
2 Kirsten WILD Netherlands 3:37.107
3 Jennifer VALENTE USA 3:37.417
4 Marlies MEJIAS GARCIA Cuba 3:38.619
5 Isabella KING Australia 3:38.718
6 Tatsiana SHARAKOVA Belarus 3:41.588
7 Amalie DIDERIKSEN Denmark 3:42.246
8 Jolien D’HOORE Belgium 3:42.476
9 Sofia ARREOLA NAVARRO Mexico 3:46.172
10 Laurie BERTHON France 3:46.566

Up next in proceedings came the Women’s Sprint 1/8 Finals Repechages. Heat one featured Ismayilova, Welte and Morton who battled it out for a place in the quarterfinals with Miriam Welte of Germany securing herself a place and knocking Ismayilova and Morton out. Next up came the Brit, Jessica Varnish who faced Junhong of China and Lee of Hong Kong for a place in the quarterfinals. Varnish just misses out as she finishes second behind Wai Sze Lee of Hong Kong who progresses to the quarterfinals.

Women’s Sprint 1/8 Finals Repechages Winners

Miriam WELTE Germany

Sze Wai LEE Hong Kong

The Men’s Individual Pursuit of the Men’s Omnium came up next in proceedings and first to take to the track was Gumerov of Uzbekistan who posted an initial time of 4:49.698. Furst of the Chech Republic and Manakov of Russia came next and posted times of 4:46.548 and 4:34.244 with Manakov moving into the lead and Furst taking second place overall.

Beer of Switzerland, Spanopoulos of Greece and Kuboki of Japan follow but none can push Manakov off the leading position. However Roger Kluge of Germany posts a time of 4:29.638 nearly 5 seconds quicker than Manakov, while Consonni of Italy could only manage a time to put him in sixth position overall, Hao Liu of China challenged Kluge for the lead throughout his ride but finished with a time of 4:34.239 to place him second overall.

Sarabia of Mexico and Ahiyevich of Belarus came up next and posted times of 4:38.604 and 4:40.760 respectively placing them fifth and seventh overall. Brazil’s Gideoni Monteiro took the top spot with a time of 4:27.782 while Pedersen of Denmark went fifth fastest. Neither Law of Australia nor Veldt of the Netherlands could take the top spot as they finish in 4:30.825 and 4:32.649.

Aaron Gate of New Zealand posted a time of 4:29.953 to place 3rd as De Buyst of Belgium posted a time of 4:33.054 to go 6th fastest. Both Boudat of France and Mora of Spain failed to go faster than Monteiro, posting times to get them into fifth and twelth place respectively. Great Britain’s rider Jon Dibben placed himself fifth on a time of 4:30.617 as Gaviria of Colombia takes the lead on a time of 4:21.998. Up next were Lea of the USA and Cheung of Hong Kong. Lea of the USA finishes second overall in 4:26.082 while Cheung takes 13th.

Men’s Omnium II – Individual Pursuit  

1 GAVIRIA RENDON Fernando Colombia 4:21.998
2 LEA Bobby USA 4:26.082
3 MONTEIRO Gideoni Brazil 4:27.782
4 KLUGE Roger Germany 4:29.638
5 GATE Aaron New Zealand 4:29.953
6 DIBBEN Jonathan Great Britain 4:30.617
7 LAW Scott Australia 4:30.825
8 BOUDAT Thomas EUC 4:31.134
9 VELDT Tim Netherlands 4:32.649
10 DE BUYST Jasper Belgium 4:33.054

The first Women’s Sprint Quarterfinal came next featuring Lee of Hong Kong and Ligtlee of The Netherlands in heat one with Lightlee taking the victory in run one and run two saw the same outcome meaning Ligtlee qualifies for the semi-finals. Heat two saw Zhong of china take on Welte of Germany. In run one China’s Tianshi Zhorg took the victory. In run two Zhong won again gaining herself a spot in the semi-finals.

The third heat included Guo from China and Voinova of Russia. Run one of the third heat saw Chinas Shuang Guo take the win. In run two, Voinova fights back and takes the win forcing a deciding third run. The third run saw Voinove of Russia get a second win and a place in the semi-finals. Kristina Vogel of Germany and Anna Meares of Australia were in heat four. In run one of the heat Vogel took the win from Meares. A photo finish concluded the second run with Vogel just clinching the win and a place in the semi-finals.

Women’s Sprint Quarter Finals Winners

1 Elis LIGTLEE Netherlands
2 Tianshi ZHONG China
3 Anastasiia VOINOVA Russia
4 Kristina VOGEL Germany

The first round of the Men’s Keirin saw Jason Kenny featuring for the host nation in heat 6. The first heat featured Chinas Chao Xu, Russia’s Shurshin, Cezch Republics Babek and France’s Pervis with Nikita Shurshin of Russia taking the win and progressing to the second round while the rest of the riders go into the repechages.

Heat two featured Mazquiaran from Spain, Botticher of Germany, Sahrom of Malaysia, Buchli of the Netherlands and Dawkins of New Zealand. Buchli is disqualified by the commissaries. Stefan Botticher of Germany takes the win in heat 2 and progresses straight on to round 2. The third heat consisted of Puertta from Colombia, Archibald of New Zealand, Novik of Belarus, Dmitriev of Russia and America’s Baranoski. Colomias Fabian Hernando Puerta takes the win.

Heat 4 of the Men’s Keirin saw Barrette of Canada taje on Awang of Malasia, Canelon of Venezuala, Balzer of Germany and Browne of Trinidad and Tobago. Azizulhasni Awang of Malaysia progresses to the next round. Heat five featured Schmid of Australia, Omelchenko of Azerbajan, Cipriano of Brazil, Volikakis of Greece, Daneshvarkhourram of Iran, Schmid of Australia and Watanabe of Japan with Volikakis of Greece getting the win and going on to round 2.

Great Britains Jason Kenny featured in the final heat alongside, Mullen of Ireland, Wakimoto of Japan, Berbenyuk of Russia, Lendel of Lithuania and Maksel of Poland. Krzysztof Maksel of Poland wins the heat forcing Britain’s Jason Kenny to compete in the repechages as he finishes fourth.

Men’s Keirin First Round Winners

Nikita SHURSHIN Russia
Stefan BOTTICHER Germany
Fabian Hernando PUERTA ZAPATA Colombia
Azizulhasni AWANG YSD
Christos VOLIKAKIS Greece
Krzysztof MAKSEL Poland

The Men’s Keirin First Round Repechage came next with heat one including Cipriano, Mazquiaran, Ceci and Lendel. Italys Francesco Ceci took the win, gaining himself a ride in the second round. Schmid of Australia, Babek of Czech Republic, Berbenyuk of Russia and Dawkins of New Zealand go head to head in heat two with Kiwi Ed Dawkins taking the win.

The third head saw Balzer of Germany take on Archibald of New Zealand, Daneshvarkhourram of Iran and Wakimoto of Japan. Yuta Wakimoto was first over the line and booked himself a place in the second round. Britain’s Jason Kenny featured in heat four but he had a tough job as world champion Francois Pervis of France was also in this heat alongside Novik of Belarus and Canelon on Venesuala. Jason Kenny wins the repechage and gets in to the second round. Heat number five consisted of Omelchenko of Azerbaijan, Barrette of Canada, Sahrom of Malasia and Baranoski of the USA. Matthew Baranoski of the US takes the win and progresses on.

The final heat featured Xu from China, Mullen from Ireland, Watanabe of Japan, Dmitriev of Russia and Browne of Trinidad and Tobago. Kazunari Watanabe of Japan won the final heat and therefore grabbed the final place in round two.

Men’s Keirin First Round Repechage Winners

1 Francesco CECI Italy
2 Edward DAWKINS New Zealand
4 Jason KENNY Great Britain 
6 Kazunari WATANABE Japan


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