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Profile of a track cycling fan


UK research firm YouGov has launched a website that aggregates all the information they have on respondents who share a common interest – and one of those interests is track cycling… So – what are we really like?

First off – it’s a small sample… Just 146 respondents the last time we visited – which mean some of the findings are… well, see what you think.

We’re slightly left of centre Guardian readers. Male, 60+ and in the broadly affluent ABC1 demographic. We’re not managing our wealth well – our disposable income is low – but maybe that’s after we’ve bought all the bike stuff…

We’re proper men, though – engineers, construction workers… and interior designers. We like cycling – unsurprisingly – but not as much as driving and we like to travel. We love Formula 1 motor racing and science – and keep birds. Must be a James Hunt thing.

Favourite food is potato hash, bizarrely – just aheard of Thai Pork Satay – but we like to experience new food and cultures (just as well with all the travel we do). Whatever we eat, we like it to be fresh, rather than frozen. We shop at Aldi (all that carbon fibre – savings need to be made somewhere.

Nutella, surprsingly, doesn’t make our list of top brands – but Nestlé, Shewits and Kinder do. We wear Regatta, Monsoon (!) and Ralph Lauren. We bank with the Co-Op – so ethical, if not prudent – and drive a Seat. 

Musical taste is eclectic – from Eddie Cochran to Weird Al Yankovich – and our favourite TV show – Grandstand – hasn’t been shown in 20 years…

We spend a lot of time online – we ‘like’ Team Sky, Le Tour and Cav on Facebook. We follow Cav on Twitter, too – along with Denise van Outen. And, collectively, our most visited website is… – although, thankfully, it’s not a strong correlation across the group.

We like to be physically active and we think we’re sensitive – but we can be grumpy.

So now you know. Full details at and you can search by almost any interest you can think of to find ‘like’ minded people.


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