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Revolution 46 – Saturday Afternoon


An entertaining afternoon’s racing the the Olympic velodrome saw the start of the Men’s Sprint competition, events 4 and 5 in the Women’s Omnium and the Boys and Girls Junior National Madison Championships – as well as an enthralling Points race and the entertaining ‘Marymoor Crawl’.

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UCI Men’s Sprint Qualification – 200m Time Trial


Lewis Oliva of Team USN topped the leaderboard in the 200m qualifying times with a 10.199 with the top 5 riders all going well under the 11 second mark. The small field meant that Oliva had a bye through to the quarter finals with Spain’s Juan Peralta facing multiple World and Paralympic Champion Jody Cundy, Chris Pritchard of Team USN up against Andy Louis of Soctland and Matt Rotherham of Sportcity Velo in the last of the heats with Jonathan Mitchell of Ringmar Racers who aulified within 4 hundredths of each other.

Lewis OLIVA 10.199
Chris PRITCHARD 10.416
Matt ROTHERHAM 10.594
Jonathan MITCHELL 10.635
Andy LOUIS 11.039
Jody CUNDY 11.082

UCI Men’s Sprint


With the Quarter Finals a one-off, sudden death race it was the fastest qualifers who headed to the Semi Finals with Pritchard’s reward for despatching Louis a Semi-Final against Peralta and Rotherham earning the right to face Oliva.

Quarter Finals

Heat 1

Heat 2

Heat 3

Lewis OLIVA Team USN – Bye 


Minor Final
 Jody CUNDY 


To round off the afternoon’s Sprint action, six ‘slowest’ qualifiers wook part in a two lap handicapwith Louis, Rotherham and Pritchard – who were covered by two tenths in qualifying – neck and neck in the run up to the line but it was Louis who held on to take the win.

Sprint Handicap

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Elite Championship Flying Lap


The first of the Elite Men’s endurance events was won by… a sprinter. It was no great surprise to see Orica-GreenEDGE’s kilo specialist Scott Sunderland quickest in the Flying Lap – over half a second quicker over 250m than his nearest rival, the similarly well built Marcel Kalz of Maloja Pushbikers. Steven Burke of Team Polypipe is another of the ‘sprindurance’ riders who specialises in the Team Pursuit but has been known to have a go at the kilometre trial and not far behind Kalz’s time.

Scott SUNDERLAND Orica-GreenEDGE 13.195
Marcel KALZ Maloja Pushbikers 13.792
Steven BURKE Team Polypipe 13.963
Joe HOLT Team USN 14.269
Kenny DE KETELE Team ignitr 14.449
Mark STEWART Team Scotland 14.582
Phil TRODDEN, Rigmar Racing 14.644
Alex DOWSETT Telegraph All Stars 14.780
10 Jake KELLY Rapha Condor JLT 14.901
11 Ian STANNARD Team Sky 14.956
12 Gabriel CULLAIGH Madison Genesis 15.052

National Youth Girls Madison


The opening sprint of the Youth Girls’ Madison was taken by RST Racing Team Mates Eleanor Dickinson & Jessica Roberts. The pair – who have dominated the Under 16 Girls road racing scene this season – headed Lauren Murphy & Rebecce Raybould home with Sophie Capewell & Megan Chard third and Rhona Callender & Henrietta Colborne fourth.

It was Callendar& Colbourne who took the second sprint from Capewell & Chard, with Charlotte Cole-Hossain & Amy Smith third, ahead of Dickinson and Roberts. That left the RST duo tied with Callendar & Colborne – with Capewell & Chard just a point back with just one sprint to go.

Capewell & Chard faded and lost a lap on the run-in – and Callendar and Colborne could only manage 6th – out of the points – on the final sprint. But Dickinson and Roberts weren’t relying on anyone else’s results as they won the title with style, taking the final sprint from Sarah Bradford & Samantha Verrill with Murphy & Raybould third and Monic Dew & Rosa Martin fourth. Those two points were enough to give Murphy and Raybould the Bronze with Callander and Colborne hanging on to the Silver by a single point.


GOLD Eleanor DICKINSON & Jessica ROBERTS RST Racing Team 12
SILVER Rhona CALLANDER Stirling Bike Club & Henrietta COLBORNE Beacon Wheelers 6
BRONZE Lauren MURPHY Welwyn Wheelers & Rebecca RAYBOULD Poole Wheelers 5

4 Sarah BRADFORD Johnstone Wheelers & Samantha VERRILL Marton RT 3
5 Charlotte COLE-HOSSAIN & Amy SMITH VC Londres 2
6 Monica DEW Sportcity Velo & Rosa MARTIN Ribble Valley Juniors 1
7 Pfeiffer GEORGI Giant CC & Lucy NELSON M&D
8 Connie HUDSON Wolverhampton Wheelers & Hetty NIBLETT Mid Shoprshire Wheelers
Sophie TAYLOR M&D & Harriett MELLOR BC Private Member
10 Jayati HINE RST Racing Team & Emma PITT  Palmer Park Velo
11 Charlotte BROUGHTON MG Decor & Sophie WILLIAMS Cardiff JIF
12 Sophie CAPEWELL Lichfield City CC & Megan CHARD M&D – 1 lap
13 Elizabeth BENNETT Cardiff JIF & Sophie-Jo WYLIE-MORRIS M&D 1
14 Lorna BOWLER Hillingdon Slipstreamers & Ellie RUSSELL Sportcity Velo 2 -2 laps

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Marymoor Crawl


An innovation at Revolution 46 was the introduction of the ‘Longest Lap’ race – aka the Marymoor Crawl. An annual feature at the Marymoor Grand Prix in the States, the Longest Lap is easy to describe, but much harder to do.

The riders join the track and cannot pass the start finish line until the commissaire begins the race – around 4 minutes later. In the meantime they can do whatever it takes to stay upright and the right side of the line until the race starts when it’s a simple one lap charge to the finish.

Several of the riders you might have exepected to be masters of the track stand – including all but one of the 6 Day stars – falterd and either put a foot down (Kenny De Ketele) or simply couldn’t hold position (Wim Stroetinga).

When the race started there were five riders still in contention but the last of the 6 Day contingent – Revolution favourite Christian Grassman of Maloja Pushbikers – had a mechanical problem and couldn’t get away. That left Adam Blythe of NFTO and Ben Swift along with youngsters Joe Holt and Jake Womersley.

Blythe was the delighted winner, having powered down from the top of the track at the gun and held his position despite pressure from a fast charging Swift. Womersley took third with Holt fourth.


3 Jake WOMERSLEY Team Polypipe
4 Joe HOLT Team USN
5 Christian GRASMANN Maloja Pushbikers
6 Jens MOURIS Orica-GreenEDGE
7 Andy TENNANT Madison Genesis
8 Wim STROETINGA Telegraph All Stars
9 Ryan FENWICK Team Scotland
10 Kenny DE KETELE Team ignitr
11 Oli WOOD Rapah Condor JLT
12 AlastairRUTHERFORD Rigmar Racing

Enjoy all the action on the Revolution YouTube Channel –

UCI Women’s Omnium IV – Time Trial


It’s easy to get carried away with Laura Trott’s performances in the Revolution Omniums. While it doesn’t quite have the depth of a true World class field – despite pitting the Olympic Champion against at least five World Class opponents – you can’t help but marvel at the way she goes about the task. She may not be being pushed as hard as she will in Paris next year, but she always outs in a World class performance.

The fourth event in the new format is the 500m time trial and Trott took it with ease. Young Welsh sprinter Ellie Coster – who coped admirably with the endurance events – came closes to an upset but she was seven tenths off Trott’s time with Wojtrya of Poland a further tenth back. With Marianne Vos finishing in 6th it looked like it would be one fo Trott’s Team Pursuit team mates Katie Archibald or Elinor Barker – who would get closest to her, but it didn’t look like anyone would get very close…

1 Laura TROTT 36.093
2 Ellie COSTER 36.815
3 Gosia WOJTRYA POL 36.981
4 Elinor BARKER 37.449
5 Katie ARCHIBALD 37.616
6 Marianne VOS NED 37.787
7 Leire OLABERRIA ESP 37.994
8 Amy ROBERTS 38.068
9 Manon LLOYD 38.486
10 Emily NELSON 38.678
11 Anita STENBERG NOR 38.742
12 Emily KAY 38.819
13 Abbie DENTUS 39.413
14 Laura BASSO ITA 40.643
15 Roxanne KNETTEMAN NED 40.933
16 Sarah INGELBRECHT BEL 0:41.296

National Youth Boys Madison


The Youth Boys only know one way to race – flat out – which made the National Madison Championships one of the best races of the weekend.

It looked like it might be a foregone conclusion when Velo Club de Londres duo Ethan Hayter & Fred Wright took the opening two sprints. Matthew Draper of Team RL360 Isle of Man & Etienne Georgi of Giant Cycling Club followed them home in the first sprint, with Velocity WD-40 duo Matthew Walls & Reece Wood third and Harry Hardcastle of Kirklees Cycling Academy and Thomas Pidcock of ChevinCycles.com picking up the last of the points.

In the second sprint it was Walls & Wood who took second to stay within the crucial five points of the leaders with Grant Martin of Sports Traider Racing Team & Joseph Nally of www.hardiebbikes.com third and Draper and Georgi fourth.

That meant that – assuming nobody took a lap in the meantime – Hayter & Wright would take the title as long as they placed in the top four in the final sprint. Frank Longstaff of Team Terminator & Jake Dobson of Newcastle Phoenix CC knew that and set off to take the lap. As they neared half a lap ahead Sebastian
Dickens of Sports Traider Racing Team & Jack Plumley of Welwyn Wheelers set off after them. It looked for a while as though they might get the lap – handing the title to which ever of them finished highest – but Longstaff & Dobson faded and Dickens and Plumley couldn’t quite bridge to the back of the strung out ‘pack’.

Their efforts weren’t entirely in vain, though – they held on to the gap all the way to the finish, leapfrogging Draper & Georgi to take the Bronze. Walls & Wood lead the charge for the line to clinch the Silver. Hardcastle and Pidcock took third with Hayter and Wright taking fourth and the jerseys.


GOLD Ethan HAYTER & Fred WRIGHT VC Londres 15
SILVER  Matthew WALLS & Reece WOOD Velocity WD-40 8
BRONZE  Sebastian DICKENS Sports Traider Race Team & Jack PLUMLEY Welwyn Wheelers 5

4 Matthew DRAPER Team RL360 Isle of Man & Etienne GEORGI Giant Cycling Club 4
5 Harry HARDCASTLE Kirklees Cycling Academy & Thomas PIDCOCK CevinCycles.com Trek 3
6 Grant MARTIN Sports Traider Race Team & Joseph NALLY www.hardiebikes.com 2
7 Jake DOBSON Newcastle Phoenix CC & Frank LONGSTAFF Team Terminator
8 Matthias BARNET Edinburgh RC & Jake BEACH Velocity WD-40
9 Jamie RIDEHALGH Kirklees Cycling Academy & William TURNBULL Marton RT
10 Peter KIBBLE Sports Traider Race Team & William ROBERTS County Cycles RT 1 -1 lap
11 Dylan THOMAS & Cameron THOMSON Palmer Park Velo 1
12 William LEWIS Wolverhampton Wheelers & Jake STEWART Solihull CC 2 -2 laps
13 James FARRINGTON & Christopher HEATON Sportcity Velo 2
14 Georg MEW-JENSEN Lee Valley Youth CC & Tomos OWENS Paramount CRT 2
15 Brad DRANSFIELD & Thomas HUMPHREY Kirklees Cycling Academy 2

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UCI Men’s Points Race 


After the Boys’ Madison, the Men’s Points Race had a lot to live up to but – despite being relegated to the Saturday afternoon slot – it did provide some of the best moments of the previous Revolution season.

And this season’s race was no different. Sam Harrison of NFTO took the opening Sprint, but it was Alex Dowsett of Movistar who set the race alight, taking the next three to move in to a comfortable lead – before Ben Swift took three in a row at which point the empasis – in a race that saw 19 of the 23 starters score a point – changed from points scoring to lap changing – and 14 of the 23 would take at least one lap.

As the race ebbed and flowed the result perhaps turned on a timing error by Christian Grassman of Maloja Pushbikers. As he approached the back of the field to take his third lap he seemd to slow. Everyone assumed he was playing a tactical game and would take the 5 points at the next sprint and then attach himself to the back of the field and add 20 more. Instead, he cruised up to the back of the pack, hading the 5 points to the chasing Oli Wood. Had he waited, he would have taken the lead and been in pole position for the win.

As it was, the race went in to the last sprint beautifully poised with Wim Stroetinga – who had timed his single sprint victory perfectly – ahead on 65 points, just one ahead of Team Scotland’s Mark Stewart and two ahead of Swift.

The final gallop was between the top four riders and it was Stroetinga who eased ahead of Swift to take the win with Stewart third over the line and Grassman fourth – finishing in the same order as their final points tallies.

1 Wim STROETINGA, NED +3 laps 70 points
2 Ben SWIFT GBR +2 laps 66
3 Mark STEWART GBR +3 laps 66
4 Christian GRASMANN GER 61
7 Kenny DE KETELE BEL 47
9 Steven BURKE GBR 42
10 Oli WOOD GBR +1 lap 28
11 Joe HOLT GBR 26
12 Marcel KALZ GER 26
13 Jens MOURIS  NED 21
14 Ian STANNARD GBR 0 laps 9
17 Jake KELLY GBR 2
18 Adam BLYTHE GBR 1
21 Alastair RUTHERFORD, GBR -1 lap -11
22 Jake WOMERSLEY GBR -1 lap -20
23 Ryan FENWICK GBR -4 laps -80

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UCI Women’s Omnium V – Flying Lap


By this point there was little doubt that Trott would win the Omnium – despite the Points Race finish – the only question was whether she could win all 6 events. The Flying Lap, though, is one of her specialities and with Archibald comfortably atop the leaderboard ahead of Wojtrya, Olaberria and Barker when she made her run, she at least knew what she had to do.

Archibald#s time of 15.183 is a pretty respectable 250m time; Trott smashed it – taking half a second out of her GB team mate. With Vos 6th again and Barker 5th, it now only looked as though Archibald could stop her – and that would take either a miracle or a disaster.

1 Laura TROTT 14.685
2 Katie ARCHIBALD 15.183
3 Gosia WOJTRYA POL 15.241
4 Leire OLABERRIA ESP 15.365
5 Elinor BARKER 15.434
6 Marianne VOS 15.599
7 Emily KAY 15.608
8 Ellie COSTER 15.638
9 Amy ROBERTS 15.685
10 Emily NELSON 15.790
11 Anita STENBERG NOR 15.820
12 Manon LLOYD 16.201
13 Laura BASSO ITA 16.432
14 Abbie DENTUS 16.711
15 Sarah INGELBRECHT 16.956
16 Roxanne KNETTEMAN NED 17.325

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