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Fast Track Coaching Tips – February


trackcycling coach Lee Povey returns with a selection of useful things to consider as you build up to the 2012 outdoor track league season.

Make sure you are fuelled well to train with a snack and 50 grams of energy drink 45-30mins before you train. To aid recovery use energy drinks whilst training and have a protein shake/recovery drink immediately after training and some solid food within 30-60mins. Casin protein drinks should be taken 30mins before bed, slowly releasing protein all night.

Recovery is as important as the training itself. Always finish each training session with at least a 10min warm down. Stretch regularly – use a foam roller to aid this as a form of self massage – and where ever possible have a shower or bath as soon as you can after training.

It is questionable whether a lot of supplements work. In my experience those that do include creatine (think of it as an energy supplement for sprinters), beta analine and beetroot juice. A good multivitamin tablet at least once a day won’t do any harm. However, the best thing is a sensible well balanced diet, lots of protein (yes even for you enduro’s!) regular eating, at least 4 meals a day and smaller portions. Eat as much veg as you can and avoid processed or packet foods. Avoid sugar at all costs and try to eat low glycemic index foods, this will help you to avoid spikes and dips in blood sugar levels making you feel more energised throughout the day.

While training on the road aim to consume between 500mm and 750mm of water or water energy drink mix (up to 50 grams) per hour. When it’s cold don’t think this amount drops as you often sweat just as much due to the layers of clothing you will be wearing.

Aerodynamics are everything; pay attention to detail, make sure your clothes fit correctly and tightly, use overshoes and aero helmets where ever possible, skinsuits at all times on the track. Bars should be 36-38cm c-c for female endurance track riders, 38-40cm c-c for male endurance track riders and as little as 33cm for male/female track sprinters (you may be told wider bars help you “breath better” which is just rubbish). Always keep your elbows tucked in when training so its second nature when racing.

When it comes to wheels, the front wheel is far more important than the rear so if you have limited money spend it on an aero front before you get a rear disc. Deep section spoked wheels and 5 spoke carbon wheels have been shown to be more aerodynamic than 4 spoke carbon wheels.

For training and outdoor track leagues Continental Supersonics 23mm or Vitoria Diamontes are a great choice or track tyre  (both also work well indoors once scrubbed). For racing outdoors use tubs – Vittoria Pista CS is a good choice – inflated to 160 psi. Indoors the lighter Vittoria evo pista CS or CL 22mm inflated to 200 psi. Good tubs rather than clinchers actually bring a greater performance gain than aero wheels.

Preparation is the key, do the little things well and come race day you will be ready!


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