Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Povey’s Predictions


We asked our coaching columnist Lee Povey to predict the podiums for every event at the World Championships. This is what he thinks is going to happen.

Day 1

Women’s 500m Time Trial

Povey Predicts: Simona Krupeckaite LIT, Anna Meares AUS, Willy Kanis NED

Men’s Points Race

Povey Predicts: Cameron Meyer AUS, Chris Newton GBR, Roger Kluge GER

Women’s Individual Pursuit

Povey Predicts: Wendy Houvenhagel GBR, Alison Shanks NZL, Sarah Hammer USA

Men’s Team Sprint

Povey Predicts:  Great Britain, France, Germany

Day 2

Men’s Scratch

Povey Predicts:  Zachary Bell CAN, Thomas Scully NZL, Chris Newton GBR

Women’s Team Sprint

Povey Predicts: Australia, China, Lithuania

Men’s Individual Pursuit

Povey Predicts: Taylor Phinney USA, Jack Bobridge AUS, Jesse Sargent NZL

Women’s Team Pursuit

Povey Predicts: Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia

Men’s Keirin

Povey Predicts: Chris Hoy GBR, Maximilian Levy GER, Matt Crampton GBR

Day 3

Men’s 1Km Time Trial

Povey Predicts: Stefan Nimke GER, David Daniell GBR, Michael D’Almeida

Women’s Scratch

Povey Predicts: Anna Blyth GBR, Giorgia Bronzini ITA, Yumari Gonzalez CUB

Men’s Team Pursuit

Povey Predicts: Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand

Day 4

Men’s Madison

Povey Predicts: Demark, Germany, Australia

Women’s Omnium

Povey Predicts: Elizabeth Armitstead GBR, Tara Whitten CAN, Josephine Tomic AUS

Women’s Sprint

Povey Predicts: Victoria Pendleton GBR, Shuang Guo CHN, Willy Kanis NED

Day 5

Women’s Points Race

Povey Predicts : Elizabeth Armitstead GBR, Giorgia Bronzini ITA, Yumari Gonzalez CUB

Men’s Omnium

Povey Predicts : Leigh Howard AUS, Tim Veldt NED, Taylor Phinney USA

Women’s Keirin

Povey Predicts : Sandy Claire FRA, Shuang Guo CHN, Victoria Pendleton GBR

Men’s Sprint

Povey Predicts : Chris Hoy GBR, Gregory Bauge FRA, Kevin Sireau FRA


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