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Canadian Revolution – May 2009


When Rob Good opened Forest City Velodrome back in 2005 many people asked “Why an indoor Velodrome, and why in London Ontario?”

Ontario didn’t have a usable facility anywhere in the Province. Ontario Cycling Association was beginning to hold their Track Championships in Detroit Michigan or Bromont Quebec. As a result, the Province of Ontario had not won a Junior Track medal at the Canadian Championships for nearly 15 years.

This has all changed now. Like the saying in the movie “If you build it they will come” – Ontario now is a regular force to be dealt with at every National Championships. 

When I asked Rob Good if he minded my input into the program we developed a personal mandate. Our purpose is to develop racers that can travel to other competitions around the World and be competitive. Now it has begun.

FCV is proud to say that three home grown racers have been selected to join Team Canada for the Pan-Am Championships in Mexico City. Lisa Perlmutter, Joe Veloce, and Steve Meyer.

For both Steve and Joe there track introductions began at early ages on FCV. They are only 20 years old now. Interestingly both boys attend McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. They room together and train together as well as keeping very top marks at school. Joe Veloce has developed his sprinting speed which saw him as the most consistent sprinter at the recent trials clocking steady 10.9’s plus a P.B. in the standing 500m of 32.4s.

Steve on the other hand has always been more of an endurance racers. Team Pursuit , points races as well as madisons are his specialty.

Lisa came to the track and cycling a little late by some standards. But she has developed from a diamond in the rough to a racer with some impressive and consistent speed . She has only just started to tap into her resources of development.

Interestingly, as I have been preparing this article and the impressive developments of our riders. We just received word that the PanAmerican Championships have been postponed for 6 weeks due to the international “Swine Flu “ epidemic. With all of the Games due to take part in Mexico the participating countries have decided to keep their athletes at home.

Other interesting happenings at FCV has been the continued expansion of the daily program. Rob had a fantastic experience when he attended Revolution last January. Team UK and the Revolution staff were so hospitable. When he witnessed  what seemed like 24/7 use on Manchester Rob came home with some brilliant ideas.

The City of Hamilton has announced intentions to build a 250m indoor Velodrome in preparations for a bid to the 2015 Pan American Games. Andrew Iler , President of the National cycling Center has high hopes for a new multi-million dollar track. A recent vote of support from Hamiltons City Council to commit $60m dollars to the facility.

The long term vision for the facility is modelled on other successful tracks around the World like Manchester.

Community involvement and a co-operation of local Government are the keys to its success.


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