Race of Champions 2015

We've been back to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park quite a few times since it reopened after London 2012 - but always to the velodrome. This weekend, though, we're at the athletics stadium, for an event that has a couple of links to track cycling - but absolutely none to

Profile of a track cycling fan

UK research firm YouGov has launched a website that aggregates all the information they have on respondents who share a common interest - and one of those interests is track cycling... So - what are we really like? First off - it's a small sample... Just 146 respondents

More Six Day Experiences

48 hours earlier I was a 6 Days virgin. I'd read about it. I'd seen video clips on the internet - even some live streaming. But I'd never been. I was genuinely excited and absolutely sure I would love every second of it. And don't get me wrong

Six Day Experiences

Arriving in Amsterdam in mid-afternoon was a bit of a surreal experience. It only just hit me what I was actually here to do - and how I had spent the last couple of years wishing that I would get this opportunity. I had had a call from the organiser

Six and the City

I’ve been involved in track racing in one way or another for just over ten years – and had a passion for bike racing that goes back further than that. It’s eight years, this year, since I attended my first World Cup race and five since I attended my first