Berlin 6 Days – Finale

A crowd of around 12,000 filed into the Landsberger Allee Velodrome tonight. The large numbers continued a trend for the six days - with an estimated 70,000 coming through the doors; attendance figures are up rather than down, a good sign going forward. On the track, following Monday’s

Berliner Sechstagerennen – Golden Night

Any talk of decline appears to have been, thankfully, premature as 25,000 people had visited the 102nd Berlin Six over the first two days. Tonight was ‘Golden Night’ and another massive crowd of around 13,000 trudged through the ice and snow in temperatures of around -13 to cheer and, in

102nd Berliner Sechstagerennen

The 102nd Berlin Six Day starts in the German Capital on Thursday night. This event is one of the classics of the winter track calendar but, despite that, Six Day racing continues to be in decline. This is not just something that can be laid at the door of the

Gent 6 Days – Sunday

The final day of the Ghent Six promised a big tussle between the Belgian World Madison Champions De Ketele / Van Hoecke and local hero Iljo Keisse with Glenn O’Shea. They didn’t disappoint. Points Race That fight started in the very first race with Keisse getting the edge

Gent 6 Days – Friday

Here in Ghent Friday night has always been the big night of the Six. Its not just about the beer it’s about the cycling and fans of all ages bring the wife or girlfriend to what is for all concerned, a big night out. A number of the revellers are

Gent 6 Days – Thursday

The crowds filed into Het Kuipke in the thousands to meet friends, drink a beer or two and watch the 72nd Ghent Six as it approached the all important weekend. Before the racing started it was announced that Wim Stroetinga was out of the race – for now

Gent 6 Days – Preview

Once again the wheels will whirr, the crowds will flock and the beer will flow at the 72nd Six-days of Flanders, Ghent (Zes-Daages Van Vlaanderen, Gent) starting in the legendary Het Kuipke on Tuesday. With the big Germans sixes in Dortmund and Munich consigned to the history books